I am often asked why I chose rangecommander as my moniker in cyberspace. I had just finished my MS degree and was feeling a bit lost, so with prompting from a friend I worked for a season at an environmental and outdoor education camp on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington. At camp we taught classes on environmental science and facilitated activities, like archery. At the archery range, your job was to be the ‘range commander’ guiding the kids on how to aim, fire, and avoid injury. I embraced the ‘rangecommander’ moniker then and when I needed to develop an identity online I adopted it. Through the years I have retained this moniker and it seems appropriate because after life on the island my path followed the “Aim. Fire when Ready” mantra when deciding on where to go or what to do with myself.

Thus after Orcas Island, I crashed in Seattle, moved back east, got a ‘real’ job, took a sabbatical from the ‘real’ job to teach English in Italy, left USA to work in NZ, left NZ to backpack though SE Asia, returned super broke, moved midway across the USA because friends wanted me to, then returned to the upper left coast to attend graduate school, spent 6 months in the Netherlands for research purposes, and enjoyed Pacific NW & other USA travels during the years working toward a PhD.

With my PhD in hand, I set off on an adventure into expat life on yet another continent. This time in Africa, more specifically Pretoria, South Africa. Now I’m back on USA soil. My location keeps changing, but rangecommander has stuck and this site documents the journeys, adventures, and mishaps that happen along my way.

This is where my adventures and travels have taken me.

Aim. Fire when ready. Live Abroad. Travel Abroad.

2 responses to “About

  1. I’m really enjoying reading your posts about your new life in South Africa. It makes me happy to know someone else understand me πŸ˜‰ things I can’t often say to my fellow local friends because for them certain things are normal. Glad you’re making the most of it, through load shedding and all πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for reading. I saw from your blog that you have some challenges living here as well. It is definitely nice to know others are feeling and experiencing what I am in this new country. Also, I definitely want to visit your home country! It looks amazing.

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