Touring Pretoria: The Union Building

Welcoming Mandela at the Union Buildings, Pretoria

A big welcome from Nelson Mandela

There are very few tourist sights here in Pretoria, so it is surprising that I only recently went to the iconic Union Building here. I could make up all sorts of excuses about not having a car, which is legitimately a problem, but really I was just being lazy and not checking out things in the place I have called my home since January 2015. Technically, I went up to the Union Building on my first day in town, but I was so exhausted from jet lag that all interest in taking photos was drained. Luckily, my job hosted an international conference where all the guests stayed at the Sheraton directly across from the famous Pretoria landmark. Thus, I finally got to tour the grounds on a sunny afternoon and snap some photos. The buildings are quite impressive, I must say. As is the huge welcoming statue of Nelson Mandela right out in front. When in Pretoria, check out this famous building or you’ll have missed out on one of the only touristy things to do in town.

Nelson Mandela welcomes you to the Union Buildings

Giant, welcoming statue outside the Union Building


Entrance to the Union Building

Panorama of the Union Buildings

Union Building Panorama


Nelson Mandela overlooking the city


Huge park in front of the Union Building

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