Washington Travels: Cape Disappointment & Astoria

Following the lead of Lewis and Clark, some friends and I took a birthday adventure out to the coast to explore Cape Disappointment, WA and Astoria, OR. The weather started out completely insane with high winds, pounding rain, and crashing waves but soon evolved into sunshine, clear skies, and a view of the entire Milky Way at night on the beach. Follow the photos to get a taste of yurting on the coast in Fall/Winter.


Where Lewis and Clark ended their famous journey, it was named by other explorers traveling from North to South.

Day 1: Stormy Skies

Stormy Cape Disappointment

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Photo with the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Day 2: The Weather Clears Up

Path to Benson Beach

Yoga at Benson Beach

Group Photo Benson Beach

Clear Skies, Hooray!

Jill Takes a Photo

Beach Walk

Beach and Lighthouse


The weather begins to turn a little bit.
Bridge to Astoria, Oregon

Back to sunshine during breakfast time at Fort George Building and the Blue Scorcher Cafe
Fort George Building in Astoria

Astoria Tower & Views Over the Town
Astoria Tower

Native Art Above Astoria

Storms are coming

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