Bicycling for Booze in Seattle: Ballard Breweries & Woodinville Wineries

Seattle is an amazing city for many things like the green spaces, the amazing snow-capped mountains surrounding it, the Puget Sound, and its proximity to bikeable boozing. Yes, Seattle lends itself well to combining bicycling and booze experiences through the amazing urban trail called the Burke Gilman Trail that provides a dedicated path to both breweries and wineries. We are very lucky people indeed!

Bicycling to breweries has never been easier due to the Burke Gilman trail and the proximity of numerous Seattle breweries to this trail (this also means flat riding between breweries, get excited about that). This also means you can tailor your very own bicycle brewery tour however you see fit. How many breweries can you get to in 1 day and still ride a bike? That is up to you but there are numerous breweries to choose from.

In the neighborhood of Ballard alone there are currently as of 2014 10 breweries in 5 square miles within the Seattle city limits. Thus, providing an incredible opportunity to bicycle for beers at any of the 10 breweries. Some are larger as more famous like Hales while others are teeny like the nanobrewery Populuxe (yes, a nanobrewery meaning even smaller batches of beer).

In the Fremont neighborhood, you have Fremont Brewing Company with tons of bike parking and outdoor seating, Outlander, and Odin.

My personal favorite tour includes: Fremont Brewing, Populuxe Brewing, Reuben’s Brews or Stoup Brewing, a pit stop at El Camion Food Truck for taco refueling, then to Peddler Brewing or NW Peaks Brewery.

Bicycling for Beers
Biking and Skating to Ballard Breweries

Bicycle Brewery Tour

Biking to Breweries

Drinking Tasty Beers at Fremont Brewing on a Sunny Afternoon
me at fremont brewing

Fremont Brewing at Night

Bike Parking
Populuxe Brewing
Bikes Parked at Populuxe Brewery

Fremont Brewing

Bicycling to breweries is an easy bike ride if you live in Seattle, so if you are feeling more adventurous you can undertake the ride to Woodinville for wine tastings galore. The ride to Woodinville is a bit longer at around 15 miles EACH way, but it is a totally flat ride. The Burke Gilman Trail extends all the way to Woodinville so you have a protected trail to get you there as long as your butt and legs can take it. On a beautiful sunny day, a ride to Woodinville is pretty amazing.

I’ve done this trip a couple of times and hit up Chateau Ste Michelle, Novelty Hill . Januik Winery, Facelli Winery.

Plus if you get tired of wine you can always hit up the Red Hook Brewery.

Chateau Ste Michelle Entrance with the Bike Gang Departing
Chatueau Ste. Michelle Winery

Away we go
Off to the Next Winery

Novelty Hill / Janiuk Winery
Woodinville Winery Time

Bike Parking at the Winery

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