Walks in Big Sur: A Waterfall, a Cove, and a Beach

There are many many places to go for a stroll in Big Sur and with the amazing weather I was given while there, it seemed the best plan was to remain in the sunshine. Thus, my day in Big Sur included a short walk in and around McWay Falls, a short hike down to Partington Cove, and a beach walk at Pfeiffer Beach.

Selfie at McWay FallsMCWAY FALLS

My first stroll was a short hike to the famous quintessential tourist stop of McWay Falls. Hugely photographed the view was stunning in real life as I couldn’t get over how turquoise the water was.
Big Sur Hiking Warnings

All of McWay Falls

More McWay Falls

Tiny People by McWay Falls

Bluffs through the Trees

Selfie at Partington CovePARTINGTON COVE

Then I walked down to Partington Cove, which I found in my guidebook with some quasi-cryptic instructions of approximately 2 miles north of McWay Falls (Pfeiffer Burns State Park) at the base of a huge U shaped curve. I did manage to find it and enjoyed the mini hike to the bottom. It is cool because you walk through a wooden tunnel to get out to the cove!

Hiking Path to Partington Cove

Wooden Tunnel to Partington Cove

Inside the Tunnel

Partington Cove

View from the End of Partington Cove Walk


Lastly I headed to Pfeiffer State Beach to enjoy more sunshine as well as a stunning sunset. Again the instructions were a bit cryptic but you turn off Hwy 1 onto Sycamore Canyon Road and drive on a crazy 1 lane dirt road for 2 miles before you reach the beach.





None of the hikes were very strenuous but all were extremely beautiful. In the future, I would like to explore more of the awesome long hikes that exist in Big Sur. This website highlights many of the hikes in the area!

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