Haunts of Utrecht: The Village Coffee & Music

The Village Coffee Bar (not shop)Due to my introvert nature, one of my favorite activities is to take a good book and sit in a local coffee bar to read (note I remembered to not say ‘coffeeshopbut to say ‘bar‘ which has a completely different connotation). For me it is great way to get out of the house and feel like I am socializing without having to actually socialize. I know it sounds weird, but if you’re also an introvert then you probably understand this desire. In Utrecht when I first arrived I didn’t know too many people so if I wanted to feel like I was talking with local Dutchies and not just remaining cooped up in my house I headed to a local coffee shop, I mean coffee bar.

So Dutch, Bicycle and Rider with Umbrella

Warm Inside, but so cold outside

I stumbled across The Village Coffee & Music by just googling “coffee” “Utrecht” and “good”. I found the website and knew it was a place I needed to check out. I wasn’t disappointed. I am a sucker for a cafe that serves up tasty lattes in a warm, cozy space and this place delivered. Better yet, they have live music on weekends so you can check out a local musician while drinking your latte. On the day I took these photos a range of artists were performing and it made me feel even happier that I ventured out on a cold crappy day.



Inside of The Village

I love good coffee and am glad I found this awesome place in Utrecht to read a book while drinking a latte and listening to local jams.

Beware: I will issue a warning though. My flatmate accused me of being a hipster for liking this place and I can see how it has some hipster tendencies such as tattooed baristas, a logo that looks like it could be on a metal band’s t-shirt, and being a space for local bands to play. My flatmate hasn’t experienced the super hipster scene of places like Seattle or San Francisco though (I experienced SF hipster coffee culture here at Philz and other locations in the Mission neighborhood. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a hipster in that ‘hood). Admittedly, it isn’t free of hipster-ness, but it isn’t overwhelmingly hipster and it is still a great place for a cup of coffee.

Where: Voorstraat 46 3512 AP Utrecht

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