Sites of Utrecht: Thinker on a Rock or the Rabbit Statue


Outside Dining on the Neude

Utrecht is mostly famous for the Domtoren, the tallest church in the Netherlands and my landmark for whenever I am lost on my bicycle. I think Utrecht should also be well known for its curious rabbit statue called the “Thinker on a Rock“. Ask anyone who has been in Utrecht for more than the usual tourist circuit and they know exactly where this statue is located. I even used this statue as my ill-timed meeting place (it was Queen’s night and the town was ridiculously crowded) when I needed to sell some extra Museumkaarts. Right away when I suggested it as a meeting place, people knew what and where I was talking about. The statue is located on the Neude, a popular square in Utrecht.


Thinker on a Rock aka the Curious Rabbit Statue

Bunny and Pig

Regardless of this statue’s notoriety, I really like this quirky statue and investigated it. Upon further investigation, this rabbit statue is one of many created by Barry Flanagan, a Welsh sculptor. The others are located in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden in Washington DC and one is on loan to Washington University in St. Louis. The sculpture is a hare combined with Rodin’s The Thinker. The sculpture is indeed unique and a great landmark. I encourage everyone to go visit the “Thinker on a Rock” and maybe even leave it a present. Apparently, people offer the rabbit food from time to time. I saw the Thinker with a pink pig companion during my last visit. Check him out next time you’re in Utrecht.

They even sell t-shirts of this famous icon at Katoen Fabriek at Oudegracht 382.


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