Haunts of Utrecht: Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts on Queen's DayI do not usually like to frequent chains (it’s like telling people to go to Starbucks when they are in my home city of Seattle), but in Utrecht I found myself on numerous occasions queueing up at the Douwe Egberts to get a cup of the most amazingly delicious hot chocolate I have tasted. To be fair, Douwe Egberts is a Dutch chain, which is once again independent from corporate chains and this happened in 2012. I digress, though.

You probably think I am exaggerating about the deliciousness of this cuppa, but I must insist you head on over to this establishment to sample this divine beverage then tell me I am wrong. This place was recommended to me by a friend who had lived in Utrecht for 7 years and I sent all my visitors there to sample this beverage. I even had requests for the chocolate sticks to be shipped to other countries. It is that good.

DSCN3289Really, though, the beverage is Belgian hot chocolate which comes with a chocolate cube (milk, dark or white) on a stick, a steaming cup of milk, and a plate of fresh whip cream. You take the chocolate stick and melt it in the hot milk. Then if you are like me you pile on the whip cream (slagroom if you speak Dutch) and enjoy. One of the first Dutch words I learned was, in fact, slagroom because I used it so many times when ordering my tasty beverage.

This is a beverage but it has enough calories to be a meal, so Eet Smakelijk everyone!

Where to find this gem of a place: Korte Jansstraat 17 -19  3512 GM Utrecht, Netherlands


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