Haunts of Utrecht: De Bakkerswinkel

On yet another snowy day in Utrecht, I headed over to De Bakkerswinkel to sample their much talked about baked goods and to sit in a warm place far from the falling snow. The snow had long ago lost its novelty as biking through it is stressful (as mentioned here and here) and since I didn’t want to remain cooped up in my house I thought it was time to visit a spot that so many people told me had amazing pastries, coffee, and tea. I am glad I ventured out even if snow crystals kept flying in my eye nearly blinding me on the cycle to the establishment. So, what did of I think of the place?

If you want tasty bakery items and a cozy atmosphere, then head to De Bakkerswinkel in the centre of Utrecht. Their scones are amazing and come with both homemade jam and clotted cream. It’s a little bit of England right in Utrecht. While you can get takeaway items from the counter on the main floor, the cozier area is down the stairs in the 3 vaults that overlook the canal. There you can sit with a pot of tea and enjoy any of the numerous baked items this gem has on the menu.

Entrance to De Bakkerswinkel Bakery on the Canal

Upstairs at De Bakkerswinkel Baker at Work

Warm Inside, So Cold Outside

Menu and Flowers Spot of Tea and Scones...Not in England but in the Netherlands

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