Netherlands MVV Visa Process

The process to obtain a MVV visa, which allows me to stay in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, was quite a long process. I began the discussion for the visa on August 14th and had the visa in my hand on November 8th. The detailed issues are detailed below.

  • August 14: Start discussion with the researcher I will be working with on how to obtain a visa.
  • August 25: First attempt to mail my certified birth certificate to Springfield, Illinois to obtain an apostille
    • What is an apostille? It is a basically an extra stamp that says “with this certification by the Hague Convention Apostille, the document is entitled to recognition in the country of intended use”. This document costs $2 to obtain in the state of Illinois.
  • August 28: Contacted by the university and must fill out 2 documents (hospitality form and personal information), which will be submitted to HR. I also must send them a copy of my passport.
  • September 6: Discover that my certified letter with my birth certificate has gone astray and even after numerous phone calls to the post office no one can find it.
  • September 8: Send another copy of my birth certificate to the Secretary of State of Illinois. This time I send it priority.
  • September 10: Illinois receives my 2nd birth certificate.
  • September 11: HR at the university contacts me with the next steps including submittal of…
    • birth certificate + apostille (an extra stamp on your birth certificate by the Secretary of State, the catch is this must also be from the state you were born in)
    • copy of academic degrees
    • CV
    • proof of income, i.e. I must earn at least € 1,019,34 per month while I am over there. This is in the form of a letter signed and stamped by my US university.  
  • September 17: My birth certificate returns with an apostille.
  • September 18: I submit all my documents to HR.
  • October 1: Call from post office telling me they have found my missing letter.
  • October 2: Confirmation that all documents have been submitted to IND.
  • October 11: Check cashed indicating my second birth certificate is getting an apostille.
  • October 15: IND tells the US Embassy in DC that I have approval
  • October 19: HR at TU-Delft informs me I have MVV visa approval and instructs me to call DC to find out about the paperwork to actually obtain my visa. First time I call embassy and they have no idea who I am or what documents I need to bring to my visa appointment in either DC or SF.
  • October 24: Second time I call the embassy and this time they know who I am. I am to bring my passport, visa application, dutch size passport photo, and a mailing envelope to my visa appointment in SF, CA.
  • November 5: Appointment at consulate in SF. This appointment takes 5 minutes and they send my passport to DC because only the embassy in DC can actually put the visa sticker in your passport.
  • November 8: Visa arrives in mail from DC

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