New York City and Boston


I spent my days in NYC walking the streets, visiting museums, and enjoying all the madness that is this huge city. I also got to see Avenue Q off Broadway, hangout in Bryant Park, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The highlights include

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Bldg Grand Central, Bird, and Chrysler

The Highline
Street Below the Highline Empire State Bldg from the Highline

Washington Square Park
Empire State Bldg as seen from Washington Square Park Jammin' in Washington Square Park

NYC Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge
Photo Op on the Brooklyn Bridge

Crossed Wires

Financial District

Night falls on the Bridge


I hadn’t been to Boston since 1999, so I was excited to re-experience this city and to visit friends.

Of course, when in Boston, one must walk the Freedom Trail. I know this is super touristy, but I still felt like it was worthwhile.
New State House_______________________________Old State House
State House

Old State House

The North End_____________________________Paul Revere’s House
The North End

House of Paul Revere

Old North Church
Old North Church Paid for Pews

USS Constitution
USS Constitution

I spent a day in Cambridge visiting Harvard
Harvard Busch Hall, Center for European Studies Can't Follow Directions at Harvard
They can’t follow directions at Harvard.

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