Welcome to the Jungle…Taman Negara

After KL, I met up with Kelly in the Taman Negara Rainforest for a 3 day adventure in the wilderness. While not as intense as our Gibbon Experience, we did get to be out in the elements and see cool stuff.

We did a night jungle walk where we saw all kinds of crazy insects.

The next day we got to use the canopy walk, which is a series of bridges high up in the trees. It was used for research back in the day, but now it is used for tourism. It is pretty fun and high.

We supposedly shot the rapids in these crazy wooden boats, but mostly we just rode against the rapids to a village.

The village lived in these huts and did demos for the tourists, which is pretty lame, but I did get to shoot a dart out of a bamboo post with my breathe.

The town where our tours were based out of was right on the river complete with floating restaurants and bars.

I took a boat ride in and out. It was not the most comfortable ride in the world as I sat in a wooden boat for 2-3 hours with a very thin cushion to pad my bum.

Our resort where we stayed was decent and came complete with AirCon. We did not rough it in the jungle this time around.

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