A Day in Kuala Lumpur

After Vietnam, we hit Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

First stop was the Petronas Twin Towers, the most famous landmark of KL. If you get in line early enough you can actually get free tickets to the skybridge, ie the bridge connecting the 2 towers which is 43 floors up. Besides getting up early (all the tickets are gone by 10 am), you do have to watch a 7 minute movie on ‘glorious’ Petronas petroluem. Hey, the tix are free, so I can a watch a movie.

Petronas Towers

View from the skybridge

Inside the skybridge



Another thing I was intent on seeing were some mosques.
Masjid Jamek

We actually went inside the National Mosque, Masjid Negara, where we were evangalized to by an Islamic man. The mosque was quite beautiful and I had to wear a purple gown covering my head to be able to enter.

Me and my gown

Other women worshippers at the mosque

Following the mosque, we went home to Bukit Bintang which is apparently where all the hip high school kids hangout. Check out these kids.

KL is quite cool. I like it.


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