Vietnam Visa

Thus far, I have always been able to obtain a tourist visa at the point of entry into the country. In Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia we just paid our money and a visa was granted on the spot no matter how we entered the country by plane, foot, or boat. However, for entry to Vietnam this was not the case as you have to obtain a visa BEFORE arriving to their border or you will be turned away. Luckily once you are in SE Asia it isn’t too difficult to obtain a tourist visa. You just need to know the proposed date of entry and exit from the country and you need to find someone to get one for you. Thankfully, the people at OK Guesthouse offer this as a service. I just had to hand over my passport for a few days, which is fairly nerve-wracking since anything can happen to your passport when it is out of your hands…it could be sold to someone else, it could be ‘lost’, or I guess my identity could get stolen. Without any other way to get my visa to Vietnam, this was the only choice and so with great confidence I handed over my passport and my money and awaited word on my visa.

Thankfully, the people at OK Guesthouse proved trustworthy and in just a few days and for only a fraction of the price of trying to obtain this visa in the USA, I had in my hands a visa that let me roam around Vietnam for 30 days. Thank you Cambodia for having alternative ways to solving unique and complicated visa problems!


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