A day in Life of the Kean Svay Village

Erin and Jen work in a village, Kean Svay, outside Phnom Penh where they are doing awesome in house water treatment projects. Jen has just arrived here, but Erin has been living here in the village for the past 7 months before taking the leap and moving into the big ol’ city of PP. Now she doesn’t spend her days like this, but before she moved I got to spend a night in the village doing village things.

Check out the the RDI website HERE.
Or check out Jen’s blog for more information on her work HERE.

Here’s what I did during my day in the village
First, we headed over to the coffee shop for a breakfast of noodles and tasty iced coffees. The coffee shop is a restaurant down the street from RDI and the iced coffee is so strong, but yet so good. It’s gotta be all the sweetened condensed milk the pour into the bottom of the potent black coffee that makes it so delicious. MMMMMmmmmm!

Next, I checked out the water filters, which is a sustainable business here at RDI. They make the ceramic filters here and sell them to people in villages. Clean water is important!

A fun part of the day was viewing the wildlife including the largest pig I have ever seen and some adorable puppies.

A highlight of the afternoon was heading over to the big tree to get some takeaway coca-colas. Takeaway here means your beverage comes in a plastic bag.

After our cokes, we went for a walk through the village where we chased down by kids screaming “hello!” and some even said “bye”.

Our walk led us across a bridge and through the rice paddies.

My day ended with dinner in the dining hall, some bumper pool, and watching ‘Weeds’ on dvd in Erin’s bungalow. The bungalows here are shipping containers, which are stacked and fitted out with ‘rooms’ and bathrooms. Erin’s bungalow is quaint and comes equipped with 2 rooms with bunkbeds and a bathroom in the middle. It is not flash, but functional. No, the bungalows do not have AirCon or hot water, but I will say my night in Bungalow #1 was not bad. In fact, I had to wear a long sleeve shirt because I was cold from the fan. I think my blood may have thinned since coming to SE Asia.

In addition, I lent my voice to a “Learning to speak Khmer” program. You see, here at RDI they also have a video and audio recording studio where they create cartoons and other programs for kids to learn about hygiene, manners, etc. One day I had the opportunity to be the female voice for one of the programs, so I made a quick recording. It is so weird to hear your own voice.

All in all I enjoyed my time here at the village. Next time you find yourself in Cambodia, don’t hesitate to stop over in Kean Svay. The people here will definitely make you feel welcome.


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