camp 2

i am now in treviso about 30 km from venice. i am working with high school kids which should be an adventure. it will be quite a change from 8 and 9 year olds. i figure they will be an angsty lot, but at least they should be able to understand me.

treviso is beautiful. it is a rich city. the founders of ray ban sunglasses and beneton reside here. i am staying in a guesthouse for my time, but at least i am in the city centre so i can walk around. we get to go to venice with the students and go to the pool so that is a nice thing about older kids. let’s just hope they don’t think i am huge nerd and yell at me. 

canals of treviso benetton was founded here

i’ll let you know how the week goes. i only have the internet for 5 minutes since the kids have an exam today and are not allowed to use it to get the answers. phew!

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