English camp, Day 1.

My time in San Remo finished up on a wonderful note. Many people left for their camps on Friday night or Saturday, but some of us were left over until Sunday. Therefore, we got to spend a lovely day hanging out in San Remo. This day included a trip to the market, cappacino #1, pizza lunch, wandering around old town, cappacino #2, and a stop at the sea. Not too bad for a final day. After packing my backpack, we had our final dinner in old town which was an adventure. Our table was a little rowdy and since we were a smaller group we got some extra wine. It led to a lot of laughing and even a group photo. Being one of 2 vegetarians they had to fix us a special meal. I put some on my plate and it looked to be a vegetable soup. I bite into what I think is a mushroom only to realize it is actually octopus. YIKES. I chewed up the one bite and passed it to a UK boy at my table. When the woman asked how it was i told her it was great. Bleh!

san remo final tutors of san remo

The next morning a bunch of us were off to the train station. My journey was San Remo to Milan to Venice to Udine. wow! The journey was fine and actually on time although my fellow tutors and I rode in the storage carriage of the train from Venice to Udine because the train was so full.
tutors in luggage compartment
Once in Udine I met my host family and was transported to Pagalacco (this may be misspelled). My family is really nice and the mother and father speak very good English.

Some highlights:

1. My house looks like the IKEA catalouge

2. I was taken to work today in a Lexus SUV

3. There were 2 bottles of wine for both dinners, one white, one red.

4. I am currently in the library part of the house, yeah a library.

5. Forgive all the typos as this is the smallest keyboard ever.

They are going to take me sightseeing at some point this week. The place we are at is VERY small, but cute. It looks a lot like Austria. This family also has a house at the sea so maybe i’ll be invited. ha.

Today was teaching day #1 and wow these kids have energy. I am tired! My class is fairly well behaved but educating young minds who don’t understand more than half of what you see is draining for all people involved. Explaining tag or steal the bacon is way more challenging. Also our school has this awesome gym, but if I have to yell “Put the ball back, we are not playing with those. STOP!” as many times as I did today I might not have a voice. The camp director is fantastic though and brought us espressos while we were working (twice!). Yay for caffiene.

Since being here I find I say somethings differently. I say “as well” instead of “too”, “train carriage” instead of “train car”, “fantastic” vs. “cool”. I have even said “chips” vs. “fries” and used the word “shag” unironically. Hanging out  with all the brits is bizarre. I also found out a texter is a marker. Who knew. I hope I survive day 2, which is coming soon so it is off to bed.

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