a quickly formed travel plan

for those of you who have known me for any amount of time know my tendency to make major decisions about the course of my life very quickly and without much time to get my affairs in order. in keeping with this trend i have made a very exciting decision about my summer…

i am moving to italy to teach kids english at summer camp!

that’s right, i’m going to be spending 2 glorious months traveling around italy improving kid’s english skills through games, songs, and skits. i am totally excited although a little freaked out about my timeline since i have to be ready to fly to nice, france on june 9th, which is in 10 days. holy crap!

*if you want to help me move stuff this weekend i would appreciate you so much.
*if you want to come travel with me in august i can meet you anywhere in europe.
*if you want to read about travels, adventures, and amazing funny kid stories come back here.
*if you want to see great pictures then follow the link do you see what i see.  

i hope to run into eneman there.

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